Refrigerator for Sivan

Total Cost - $ 851
Still Needed - $ 0
Funded - $ 851

Sivan, 35, is raising three young children (ages 3-8) on her own. All three have been diagnosed with developmental delays and are in special needs programs.

Sivan herself had a difficult childhood. She regularly witnessed violence between her parents and was eventually sent to boarding school. Both of her parents have since passed away, and Sivan has no family support.

Two years ago, Sivan joined a social services program that helps at-risk families. She was appointed a social worker who is in touch with Sivan on an almost daily basis. Sivan attends courses in parenting techniques, financial management and life skills. She is committed to the program and determined to build a stable future for her children.

Currently, Sivan is supporting herself and her children on her son’s disability payments (he suffers from a chronic illness) and a monthly government stipend. The family lives in her late father’s two-room apartment. They were recently approved for government-subsidized housing but are waiting for an apartment to become available.

Almost all of Sivan’s furniture and appliances are old and second-hand. She is still using her father’s small refrigerator but has come to realize that it is unfit for a family of four.

If Sivan could get help buying a new refrigerator, she would be able to buy and store fresh food for her growing children.

Verified by: Rina Amar, Department of Social Services, Or Akiva | Case No.: 220436
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