Refrigerator for Maya

Total Cost - $ 666
Still Needed - $ 0
Funded - $ 666

Maya, 59, is very much alone and needs a helping hand.

Divorced and childless, Maya lives on her own in a one-room apartment. She suffers from various illnesses and is basically home-bound.

In the past, Maya worked full-time as a bookkeeper. After undergoing spinal surgery eight years ago, however, her physical condition deteriorated, and she could no longer work.

Today, Maya survives on a monthly government stipend and a disability allowance. She struggles to make ends meet.

Maya’s most desperate need right now is a new refrigerator. She has been living with a very small, under the counter fridge that no longer works properly. It freezes half the food and has to be defrosted every few days. As a result, Maya cannot keep fresh food and doesn’t eat properly. This has impacted her health which continues to deteriorate.

If Maya could get help buying a new refrigerator, she would be able to eat healthy, balanced meals and begin to regain her strength.

Verified by: Tamara Feiglin, Department of Social Services, Kiryat Arba | Case No.: 230105
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