Refrigerator for Lilach and Dov

Total Cost - USD 1,412
Still Needed - USD 0
Funded - USD 1,412

Lilach and Dov are trying to raise nine young children without a working refrigerator; it’s an impossible task.

Dov works full-time and puts in very long hours; he is rarely home to help Lilach with the children. Lilach tried to enter the workforce and when she did, she lost her government subsidies; it wasn’t worth the time away from her children.

While they live frugally, Dov’s single income isn’t enough to cover the family’s cost-of-living. They have amassed a great deal of debt and are barely scraping by.

Recently, Lilach and Dov joined a social services program that is trying to help them build financial independence. They are highly motivated and determined to break their cycle of poverty.

In the meantime, the family’s refrigerator, which is ten years old, is broken beyond repair. As Lilach and Dov struggle to move forward, they desperately need our help in order to feed their growing children.

Verified by: Aliza Chen, Department of Social Services, Jerusalem - North - Bukhari Neighborhood | Case No.: 230046
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