Refrigerator for Efrat

Total Cost - $ 652
Still Needed - $ 0
Funded - $ 652

Efrat, 40, is raising her seven-year-old daughter, Tal, on her own. Efrat and Tal’s father parted ways when Tal was just a baby.

Tal was born at 29 weeks and spent three months in the neonatal intensive care unit. She was a difficult baby who cried often and, early on, it was discovered that she was severely hearing-impaired.

Today, Tal wears a hearing aid and is attending a mainstream school.

Efrat, who works as an assistant in a kindergarten, does her very best to provide Tal with everything she needs. Her monthly expenses are very high because of the added costs of Tal’s medical needs. Social services helps the family in whatever ways they can.

Right now, Efrat’s most desperate need is a new refrigerator. Her old one is broken and blows the electricity in the house on a regular basis. The food often spoils and has to be thrown out.

As Efrat continues to work hard to provide Tal with a stable future, she needs our help buying a new refrigerator.

Verified by: Ortal Harambam, Department of Social Services, Rishon Lezion | Case No.: 221063
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