Refrigerator for Chen and Rafi

Total Cost - USD 817
Still Needed - USD 0
Funded - USD 817

Chen and Rafi are raising five children under very trying circumstances. Rafi suffers from psychological and emotional issues, and receives a monthly disability stipend. In addition, the couple’s oldest son is physically disabled.

Chen bears a lot on her shoulders; she single-handedly cares for her husband, her children and their home. Chen also has an elderly mother that she takes care of. On top of it all, she works outside of the home in order to help cover their cost of living.

Three months ago, a fire broke out in the family’s apartment. All of their belongings were destroyed, and the apartment was decimated. The family of seven moved in with Chen’s mother, who has a two-room apartment. Overnight, their situation went from bad to worse.

Social services is trying to find donors to help cover the cost of the apartment renovation. They are also helping Chen and Rafi find furnishings.

One of the family’s most desperate needs right now is a new refrigerator. Without one, they won’t be able to move back into their own space and start rebuilding their lives.

Verified by: Ram Lavi, Department of Social Services, Ashdod | Case No.: 220591
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