Refrigerator for Ayelet

Total Cost - $ 664
Still Needed - $ -48
Funded - $ 712

Ayelet, 21, is raising two young children on her own; their father does not acknowledge them, has changed his telephone number and wants nothing to do with the small family. The demands of raising a one-year-old and an infant on her own make it impossible for Ayelet to hold a job at the moment. As a result, she has to rely on government stipends for her rent and costs of living.

Unfortunately, the apartment in which Ayelet and her children were living was so badly contaminated with mold that both children developed serious breathing problems. Their pediatrician convinced Ayelet to find a new place to live. After searching for some time, Ayelet has finally found something that she can afford. Before she can move in, however, she needs furniture and appliances. Social services have helped her in whatever way they can, but Ayelet still doesn’t have a refrigerator. Though she cannot afford one, there is no way she and her babies can survive the summer without one.

Verified by: Marva Ben David, Department of Social Services, Ofakim | Case No.: 210260
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