Refrigerator for Amara and Tomas

Total Cost - USD 846
Still Needed - USD 0
Funded - USD 846

Amara, 38, and Tomas, 42, are trying their hardest to raise their six young children (ages 2-15) with dignity, but they are barely surviving.

Amara works as a cleaner; Tomas, as a carpenter. Despite their efforts, the couple’s combined income doesn’t come close to covering the family’s monthly expenses. Amara is an orphan and Tomas is not in touch with his family, so they are without any outside support.

Amara and Tomas’ apartment was completely dilapidated. Recently, a non-profit organization arranged for extensive renovations. Despite this, it remains a small, cramped living space; Amara and Tomas sleep on the living room couch, and the six children share two tiny bedrooms. The apartment is missing the most basic furnishings, and many of the appliances don’t work.

In the coming months, Amara and Tomas are meant to join a social services program that will help mentor them both financially and professionally. For the moment, however, they are living in abject poverty.

The family’s most desperate need right now is a refrigerator. Their old one broke and couldn’t be fixed. For a while, they were storing food in a cooler with ice. They were then given a small office refrigerator on loan.

Needless to say, this is an untenable situation. With six young mouths to feed, Amara and Tomas need a working refrigerator in order to survive.

Verified by: Irit Krakovski, Tnufa Bakehila | Case No.: 230402
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