Refrigerator for Aliza

Total Cost - USD 456
Still Needed - USD -2
Funded - USD 458

Unable to take the on-going violence and abuse, Aliza moved out of her parents’ home a year ago, when she was 17. Despite not living at home, Aliza continued to defend and support her mother and three younger siblings against her father’s abuse.

Aliza has enlisted in the Army and will soon start her service. In the meantime, she works long hours at any job she can, in order to provide for her mother and siblings to the best of her ability. They are all struggling, so Aliza’s support of them is both emotional and financial.

At night, Aliza returns to the one-room apartment that she rents, a place of quiet and comfort for her. Aliza doesn’t earn much, but she stretches her income as much as she can to cover the two households. It is beyond her ability, however, to replace the old, broken fridge in her apartment and buy a working fridge for herself.

Verified by: Meira Madar Cohen, The Yated Program | Case No.: 190223
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