Refrigerator for Adi

Total Cost - USD 616
Still Needed - USD -172
Funded - USD 788

Adi, 27, is a young woman who desperately wants to make a “go of it”. She is the third of seven children and has, for the past ten years since both of her parents died tragically, played the parental role to all of her siblings – including financial, cleaning, cooking and emotional support.

Adi has experienced true hardship but, in spite of that, managed to finish high school, complete her Army service and find gainful employment. She has decided that it is now time for her to live on her own. She is bright, ambitious and hard working and manages to get through the month on her salary. However, she cannot afford to furnish her new apartment. Most of her appliances are secondhand but a new refrigerator will serve her well for the next few years and give her a much needed “boost”.

Verified by: Tehila Frieman, Yated - Jerusalem | Case No.: 220647
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