Psychological Testing for Moshe

Total Cost - USD 578
Still Needed - USD -4
Funded - USD 581

Moshe has just finished high school. He has been in a special program that supported children with autism but that was linked to the school, so now he needs to move on. In order to receive continued support in an appropriate setting, Moshe needs an evaluation that will reflect his current abilities and needs. Without this, he will not get the help on which he and his family rely.

Both of Moshe’s parents suffer from physical and psychological problems that keep them from working. The family’s finances are limited and much of what they have goes to the medications that they need. There is nothing extra; sometimes Moshe’s parents cannot even put food on the table for Moshe and his siblings. They cannot afford the testing, even though it is critical for the next stage of Moshe’s life.

Verified by: Lena Zabin, Department of Social Services, Dimona | Case No.: 190276
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