Psychological Testing for Eyal

Total Cost - USD 250
Still Needed - USD 1
Funded - USD 249

At the start of the last school year, Ayal’s teachers suspected that something was wrong. He acted out in class, bothered his classmates, wandered the halls, and refused to take instruction. Testing suggested that he suffered from ADHD. However, Ayal has not changed his behavior in response to the support that his school has given him. Over the summer, Ayal’s mother, Ziva, took the nine-year old to a doctor who suspected learning difficulties and recommended more extended testing.

Ziva works in a call center and supports Ayal and his older sister on that small income alone; her former husband has not paid his child support commitment in a very long time. Ziva has done whatever she can for Ayal and been completely involved in the school and its efforts on her son’s behalf, but although the results could make all of the difference for Ayal, she simply does not have the money for the testing that he needs.

Verified by: Inbar Barhad, Department of Social Services, Kiryat Bialik | Case No.: 190426
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