Psychological Assessment for Ephraim

Total Cost - USD 722
Still Needed - USD 0
Funded - USD 722

8-year-old Ephraim’s life has changed significantly since his parents’ divorce five years ago.

He hand his brother have bounced from house to house, sometimes living with their mother (who has not functioned well in years), with their father (who lives with his parents), or with their great-grandfather

Ephraim stutters, takes offense quickly, angers easily and is overall not emotionally resilient.

In an attempt to create some consistency in his life, his school wants to build a support program that will teach him to manage these issues. The first step is for Ephraim to have a psychological assessment, so that the school staff can understand Ephraim’s needs. The test is expensive and beyond Ephraim’s father’s budget.

Ephraim’s father, 39-year old Dan, works hard as an events’ photographer, but does not always have a steady income. His chronic diabetes makes his day-to-day life difficult. Nonetheless, he does the best he can to provide for his sons and appreciates the importance of the psychological assessment.

Verified by: Maya Garti, Department of Social Services, Dimona | Case No.: 190107
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