Psychodidactic Testing for Ariella

Total Cost - $ 718
Still Needed - $ -2
Funded - $ 720

10-year old Ariella could benefit from a psychological assessment to identify her behavioral issues and understand how best to help her.

She is generally closed and uncommunicative and erupts with anger, taking her frustration out on her parents. School staff have noticed she lacks motivation and is uninterested in learning. Her parents’ relationship issues and financial difficulties have contributed to Ariella’s emotional difficulties. Recently the family joined a program designed to give each member the support it needs so that they can move forward together.

In order to understand the best ways to help Ariella she needs a psychological assessment. However, as her father is currently not working and her mother’s part-time job as a cleaner does not cover the family’s expenses, there is no extra money for the testing. The assessment offers an important step toward helping Ariella overcome her difficult but at the moment, it is out of reach.

Verified by: Sophia Yomtov, Department of Social Services, Dimona | Case No.: 190193
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