Psycho-didactic evaluation for Limor

Total Cost - USD 670
Still Needed - USD 0
Funded - USD 670

Sigal, 34, is raising four young children (ages 5-12) on her own. Sigal does not work outside of the home and gets no support from her children’s father. At the moment, the family of five survives on a monthly government stipend.
Sigal had a difficult upbringing and was recognized as an at-risk youth. Over the years, she has managed to turn her life around and wants to build a more stable future for her children.
Currently, Sigal and her children are living in a run-down, cramped three-room apartment. The building is in disrepair; there are no lights in the stairwell, and the hallways are filled with litter and signs of drug use. Sigal keeps her children home whenever they’re not in school, as she is nervous to have them out and about in their neighborhood.
Sigal’s foremost concern right now is her seven-year-old daughter Limor. Limor is developmentally delayed and cannot acclimate into a school environment. She barely speaks and is in desperate need of a psycho-didactic evaluation. This is obviously an expense that Sigal cannot afford but is vital to Limor’s well-being.

Verified by: Shani Peretz, Department of Social Services, Dimona | Case No.: 200606
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