Evaluations for Roni’s children

Total Cost - $ 384
Still Needed - $ 0
Funded - $ 385

Roni, 40, is raising four young children (ages 1-9) on her own. Roni is no longer in contact with her children’s father who pays no child support. She supports herself and her children solely on a monthly government stipend.

Last year, social services became aware of Roni’s dire financial situation and began helping the family. Roni and two of her children are receiving psychological counseling as a result of abuse they suffered at the hands of Roni’s partner.

Roni is now determined to turn her life around. She is participating in a social services program that helps people find their way in the job market. Roni desperately wants to build a stable future for her children.

In the meantime, two of Roni’s children, Reut (5th grade) and Liam (2nd grade) are struggling in school. Reut cannot read, and Liam has trouble concentrating and sitting still for extended periods of time. Their school is recommending psycho-didactic evaluations for both children. This is an expense that Roni cannot shoulder right now, but her children clearly need – and deserve – help.

Verified by: Yulia Greenberg, Department of Social Services, Kfar Saba | Case No.: 210646
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