Psycho-diagnostic evaluation for Alona

Total Cost - USD 722
Still Needed - USD 0
Funded - USD 722

Alona, 25, has had a very difficult start in life. She suffers from a variety of physical ailments, severe learning disabilities and psychological issues, including an anxiety disorder, which can be attributed to a rocket attack 12 years ago in which her father was killed at work.

When she was eight years old, her mother developed cancer. None of her learning issues were addressed and her educational gap widened in the years ahead.

Eventually, Alona finished her 12 years of schooling. She also completed her full army service in the air force.

Alona is now ready to move her life forward. She would like to undergo an extensive psycho-diagnostic evaluation which would accomplish several things. It would allow her the proper treatment for her various issues, both physical and psychological; it would give her the basis to apply for a monthly disability stipend; and, finally, it would help her narrow in on a career path that would suit her various needs based on her limitations.

Alona has no family support, and she cannot afford the cost of the evaluation. There is no question that once she has these results in hand, she will be able to start on the path towards building a stable and independent future.

Verified by: Elisha Kaufman, Yated - South | Case No.: 210557
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