Pool Memberships for 63 Kids in Ofakim

Total Cost - USD 6,703
Still Needed - USD 0
Funded - USD 6,703

The Department of Social Services of Ofakim has requested our help to provide 63 children memberships to their local pool this summer!

Anat and Guy and their children are one of the families we want to help.

Kayla is 14, and her younger sister, Lital, is 11.

Kayla is cognitively delayed and suffers from epilepsy. Kayla doesn’t understand personal hygiene and has to be monitored constantly. She cannot cross the street by herself and doesn’t know how to use the most essential electronic appliances. In short, Kayla needs constant supervision.

Kayla’s parents, Anat and Guy, are incredibly dedicated to her and to her younger sister, Lital, 11. They both work in positions that allow them to cover the family’s cost-of-living, while at the same time affording them the time to devote to Lital and Kayla’s care.

Anat and Guy live frugally and are determined not to fall into debt. So far, they have been successful, but little money is left for “extras”.

If Anat and Guy could get help to pay for a summer membership at the pool, there is no doubt that the whole family would get a much-needed respite.

*Ofakim is a development town of approximately 32,000 inhabitants in the south of Israel.

Verified by: Galia Sabag, Department of Social Services, Ofakim | Case No.: 230553
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