Oven for Yishai and Tamar

Total Cost - $ 329
Still Needed - $ 0
Funded - $ 329

Because he is completely disabled, Yishai (56) cannot work. His wife, Tamar (61) was employed for years as an aide to the elderly. However as her physical and mental health have declined, she has been unable to continue her work.

She is in the process of applying for disability benefits, but until these start, the family relies entirely on Yishai’s benefits. Their youngest daughter, still a minor, lives at home.

The family’s oven is broken and only one burner of the stovetop still lights. Tamar could stretch their budget further while making them good food if she had working appliances, but she does not have the money for new ones.

Verified by: Bruria Vingrova, Department of Social Services, Neve Ya'akov | Case No.: 190088
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