Oven for the Dvir family

Total Cost - USD 313
Still Needed - USD 0
Funded - USD 313

Because her husband has asthma and cannot work, Vered is the sole wage earner for her family. She holds two jobs, both as kitchen help. Vered is currently working with an employment counselor in the hope of improving her work situation and increasing her salary. She earns very little at the moment and, as frugal and careful as she is, it is hard to cover the needs of her seven children, ages 12 – 21. To make matters worse, one of her daughters is in need of heart surgery.

Their home is lively and energetic but sparsely furnished. All of the furniture is second-hand. The apartment does not have a stove or an oven. Vered does her best to cook for the family using an old portable burner. As creative as she is though, there is not much that she can do with it when it barely works. Appliances as basic as a stove and an oven are critical for a large family with growing children, but Vered cannot afford them.

Verified by: Bruria Vingrova, Department of Social Services, Neve Yaakov | Case No.: 200115
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