Oven for Sima

Total Cost - USD 297
Still Needed - USD 0
Funded - USD 297

Sima, 42, has been divorced for nine years; her and her ex-husband have three children, ages 11-17. Their divorce left Sima and her children in an emotional and financial turmoil. Their lives were made even more chaotic three years ago when Sima’s ex-husband was imprisoned for a year. They are now trying to get back on their feet.

Sima worked for years as a cleaner. She eventually had to change jobs because she suffered three herniated discs; she now works in an afternoon daycare program.

It’s very important to Sima that her children live as normal a life as possible. For that reason, she continues to live in the same community as her ex-husband, as she feels its vital for them to have regular contact with their father. As a result, she is far from family and has little emotional or financial support.

Sima and her children survive off her income and monthly child support payments. She has debts and loans to pay off, and she struggles to make ends meet.

Recently, the owner of Sima’s rental apartment decided to suddenly sell. Luckily, Sima was able to find a new rental quickly, but it is completely unfurnished.

One of Sima’s most pressing needs is a new oven. Without one, she won’t be able to cook fresh food for herself and her children.

Verified by: Sapir Dasah, Department of Social Services, Gedera | Case No.: 220798
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