Oven for Rotem

Total Cost - USD 421
Still Needed - USD 0
Funded - USD 422

Rotem, 30, is going through a terrible time and needs a helping hand.

Rotem’s childhood was complicated. Her mother suffered from PTSD and depression; her father was a drug addict with a police record. Despite her physical and emotional challenges and her dire financial situation, Rotem’s mother raised her single-handedly.

In her early 20’s, Rotem underwent bariatric surgery in order to deal with her obesity. Today, she suffers from a severe eating disorder and has been hospitalized a number of times.

Worried about the impact of her surgery on her fertility, Rotem decided to have a baby by artificial insemination.

Now mother to one-year-old Liel, Rotem’s physical and emotional state have deteriorated dramatically. She suffers from insomnia, weight loss, fainting spells and chronic muscle pain. She maneuvers around her apartment in a wheelchair so that she can hold Liel. While she has a part-time job as a nursing aide, she can barely work because of her physical limitations.

Rotem is trying to put her life in order. She is finally in therapy, has declared personal bankruptcy in order to deal with her debts and is working with Social Services in order to find a new professional course that will increase her income without being too physically demanding. She is currently supporting herself and Liel on a monthly disability stipend.

As Rotem works to pursue a brighter future, she desperately needs help buying an oven. Until now, she has been using a toaster oven. In order to provide Liel with healthy, balanced meals, however, she needs a proper oven.

Verified by: Hadas Hamershlak, Department of Social Services, Ofakim | Case No.: 230124
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