Oven for Miriam

Total Cost - USD 406
Still Needed - USD 0
Funded - USD 406

Miriam is a single mother to seven grown children. During her marriage, both Miriam and her children suffered from verbal, emotional and physical abuse. Until today, they are dealing with the psychological and emotional consequences.

Miriam works part time and receives a monthly government stipend; nonetheless, she struggles to make ends meet.

Four of Miriam’s children are single and living at home; in addition, one of her married daughters and her four children are living with her as well. Needless to say, the conditions are cramped and uncomfortable.
Miriam also has a son who is in and out of rehab, and needs a tremendous amount of emotional and financial support.

Despite it all, Miriam keeps her home neat and orderly; she makes do with minimal furnishings and lives frugally.

Miriam’s most desperate need right now is a new oven. The family’s oven is broken beyond repair and, at the moment, Miriam is cooking everything on one electric burner.

With a little bit of help, we can definitely improve this family’s quality of life.

Verified by: Yael Ben Ayun Filber, Department of Social Services, Ramat Shlomo | Case No.: 230554
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