Oven for Leeza and Nadav

Total Cost - $ 345
Still Needed - $ -1
Funded - $ 345

Leeza (57) and Nadav (61) are a married couple and parents to four children, ages 16, 18, 22, 24. They have been known to Social Services for many years for financial difficulties.

Leeza works as a nurse in a medical clinic, while Nadav has cancer and cannot work. The family has many debts and struggle financially. The high cost of Nadav’s medical treatments and medications means the family is left with even less than before.

Leeza enjoys baking for her family but her oven is old and broken, beyond repair. She would so appreciate a new, good quality oven.

For Leeza, baking is not simply a hobby- it is a needed respite from her worries about her husband’s disease and her financial plight. Leeza values the quiet time she spends in the kitchen, blissfully baking. This is what enables her to maintain her strength and resolve to care for her sick husband, whose situation has deteriorated.

Verified by: Ahuva Adelmut, Department of Social Services, Ramat Shlomo, Jerusalem | Case No.: 190169
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