Oven for Lea and her family

Total Cost - $ 329
Still Needed - $ 0
Funded - $ 329

After a year of squeezing into her parents’ house, where there was no space and a tense relationship, Leah and her children recently moved into their own space. Although it is tiny, and barely furnished, they are excited to be there and report that it feels like “home.” One of the items that it is lacking is an oven.

Leah used to work as an independent aesthetician, but after her divorce this did not bring in enough money to support herself and the three kids (ages 10, 9, and 7). In fact, she ran up enough debt that she had to declare bankruptcy, and is now trying hard to pay off what she owes every month. Leah then went to work as a seller in her field, but lost her job recently when the company moved its offices. She is now looking for work and hopes to find something soon.

Leah, 37, is a caring and diligent mother, very involved with her children’s schools and counselors. All three have emotional and functional difficulties. Leah does whatever she can to meet their needs and support them. Their father does not pay his child support obligation regularly and has just gone to court to request a lower monthly amount. An oven would allow them to have regular, healthier meals, but in her current financial state, Leah does not have the budget for one.

Verified by: Reut Tsofen, Department of Social Services, Kfar Saba | Case No.: 190406
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