Oven for Dorit and Don

Total Cost - USD 324
Still Needed - USD 0
Funded - USD 324

Dorit, aged 74, and Don, aged 73, reside together in Jerusalem. Their lives have seen a fair share of challenges.

A decade ago, Dorit was involved in a car accident that left her with a broken hip, resulting in chronic pain and difficulty walking. She now relies on the assistance of a walking stick or a walker to move around.

In her younger years, Dorit had a career in the medical industry. She dedicated many years to caring for a school-age child and also worked as a sales agent at Clalit medical insurance. Her most recent employment, prior to her accident, involved caring for the elderly.

Don worked as a truck driver for most of his life. However, their lives took an unexpected turn four years ago when Don was diagnosed with cancer. This diagnosis brought their life to a standstill.

The couple do not have any children or other individuals to support them. Currently, Dorit and Don rely on disability pensions provided by the government to make ends meet.

Their living conditions are quite modest, and their furniture consists of old, second-hand items that are barely functional. Their oven has been out of order for the past three years, and they manage all their cooking on the gas stovetop.

We are now seeking to provide Dorit and Don with a new oven to enhance their quality of life and bring them a bit more comfort.

Verified by: Irit Krakovski, Tnufa Bakehila | Case No.: 230761
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