Oven for Anat

Total Cost - USD 421
Still Needed - USD 0
Funded - USD 421

Anat, 50, has her five grown children (ages 19-25) living with her and desperately needs a helping hand.

Anat, divorced, works full time as a cook in a day care center. Despite her greatest efforts, her expenses far outweigh her income and she struggles to make ends meet.

Anat’s oldest daughter receives an emotional disability stipend and is under psychological care. Her second son is physically disabled and wheelchair-bound. He needs round-the-clock care. Her third son is unemployed with extreme emotional issues; he refuses to get help and spends most days locked in his room. Anat’s fourth daughter is under the care of a social worker, and her youngest is in out-patient care at a psychiatric hospital.

Anat is dealing with extraordinary expenses and heavy debt. Recently, she joined a social services program that offers at-risk families employment guidance and financial mentoring. Anat is highly motivated to break her cycle of poverty and dreams of taking a baking course in order to increase her income significantly.

In the meantime, the family of six is living in an old, dilapidated apartment; many of their electrical appliances don’t work.

At the moment, the family does not have a working oven. If we could help Anat purchase a new oven, she would be able to feed her family freshly cooked food and use it for professional purposes as well.

Verified by: Neta Ben Binyamin, Department of Social Services, Tel Aviv - East | Case No.: 230603
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