NLP Course for Yael

Total Cost - USD 833
Still Needed - USD 0
Funded - USD 833

After many years of staying at home and raising her six children (including one with Downs Syndrome), Yael, 51, would like to go out to earn a living and help to support the family. She would like to be able to supplement the low salary that her husband earns as a youth advisor. Yael believes that she will do best in a position where she can give to others. So she would like to enroll in a class that teaches NLP therapy.

Yael is excited about the prospect of bringing in some money while helping others, and is eager to begin the course. However, the couple does not have the funds to cover her tuition, the last necessary step for her to get started.

Verified by: Gabriel De Castro, Department of Social Services, Ako | Case No.: 190334
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