New beds for Shani and Gidon’s children

Total Cost - USD 1,430
Still Needed - USD 0
Funded - USD 1,430

Shani, 33, and Gidon, 36, are going through a rough time. The couple is raising three young children, ages 4-10, on a very tight budget. Shani doesn’t work outside of the home; Gidon has an independent business as a graphic designer but since the Corona crisis hit, business has been very scarce.

To add to their troubles, Shani and Gidon’s oldest son is autistic. He needs a lot of supervision at home, takes a number of medications and is under the care of psychiatrist. Their seven-year-old daughter is language delayed and receives speech therapy.

Shani and Gidon were living in the center of the country, where they moved nine times over a 10-year period. Because of their dire financial situation, they recently decided to move down South.

The couple has now turned to social services in order to understand their rights and get help with their parenting skills. They do want a better life for their family.

In the meantime, their three young children are sleeping on mattresses on the floor, as their beds eventually broke from being moved so many times. There is no question that everyone’s quality of life would improve with a good night’s sleep, but Shani and Gidon cannot afford new beds.

Verified by: Natasha Pinto, Department of Social Services, Netivot | Case No.: 210771
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