Motorized Cart for Meir

Total Cost - USD 1,103
Still Needed - USD 0
Funded - USD 1,103
Meir is in his 50’s and lives on his own in Sderot on full governmental disability support. He is on a wait list for a lung transplant, uses an oxygen tank around the clock, and sometimes requires hospitalization to stabilize his condition.

Meir lives in a small, sparsely furnished and very simple apartment. He finds difficulty in basic tasks, such as dressing and cooking for himself, and leaving the apartment is extremely challenging.

When Meir needs to leave for groceries, medicines, or medical treatment, he uses a taxi and this leaves less money for food and household goods. Meir sometimes requests help from friends and family to bring him the things he needs.

Meir would greatly benefit from a motorized cart which would enable him to get out and around on his own, providing him with more independence. However, Meir has no savings to pay for the cart and already uses the entirety of his disability payments for monthly expenses.

Verified by: Ortal Feigelman, Department of Social Services, Sderot | Case No.: 180365
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