Laptop for Ziva

Total Cost - USD 1,081
Still Needed - USD 0
Funded - USD 1,081

After winning her first battle with cancer, Ziva trained as an art teacher. She loved using these skills. However, a second bout has left her weak and fragile. She can no longer carry her art supplies around and worries that too much contact with other people will result in serious health setbacks. Ziva’s husband has a steady job, but the two relied on her income as well to make ends meet.

The couple has two teenagers, both with ailments that require a lot of parental and financial support. In order to go back to earning, but under conditions that would be workable for her, Ziva recently took a graphics course; a job in this field would use her art abilities but allow her to work from home. Along the same lines, Ziva has an interest in helping people make scrapbooks. However, both of these options require a computer with graphics capabilities. Ziva and her husband cannot stretch their budget to cover the cost of a computer.

Verified by: Moriah Haronian, Otzma Center | Case No.: 190425
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