Laptop for Yaakov

Total Cost - $ 926
Still Needed - $ 0
Funded - $ 926

When Ya’akov, the tenth of 11 kids born to a Charedi family, decided to leave his family’s way of life, he broke with them entirely, dropping out of school, living in the street, even engaging in minor criminal activity.

With the help of social services over the past two years, Ya’akov, 17, has learned to respect his parents’ choices and they have worked to accept him. He is living at home again and has renounced all of his past unlawful behavior.

Ya’akov is not only back in school – which he attends regularly and where he is doing well – but has also started to study in a cyber institute. He finished the introductory class there with success and has now started more advanced work. Ya’akov sees computers as his road to a future livelihood.

However, in order to continue, Ya’akov needs a computer. With his high school studies and the additional classes, he has no time to work. His parents supply food and housing but cannot do more for him. Ya’akov uses the public library’s computer as much as he can, but the hours there are not compatible with his schedule. Ya’akov is committed to doing well in his chosen area but the lack of proper tools is frustrating and makes it more difficult for him to succeed.

Verified by: Yair Naaman, Division for the Advancement of Youth, Jerusalem | Case No.: 190392
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