Laptop for Victoria

Total Cost - $ 760
Still Needed - $ 0
Funded - $ 760

Victoria, 37, an immigrant from the former USSR, is a mother of 4 and suffers from physical disabilities and hasn’t been able to work. She is in the midst of divorcing her husband, a fellow immigrant, 43 who never held a steady job and has had drug addictions. Despite this, Victoria is a diligent mother, trying to tend to the severe emotional and social challenges of each of her 4 children.

Victoria is currently enrolled in a program offered by the National Insurance Institute to help her rehabilitate her financial situation – she is learning new skills with a view to gain employment. However, Victoria needs a computer in order to succeed both in her program and after she completes it.

Verified by: Tehila Vetori, Department of Social Services, Netanya | Case No.: 190468
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