Laptop for Shani

Total Cost - USD 836
Still Needed - USD 0
Funded - USD 836

There was a time when Shani, 49, used drugs, but she has been clean for 13 years; she continues to attend support groups for former users, and is determined not to backslide. She is also determined to raise her nine-year old twins right, and does whatever she can to meet their needs and push for their education.

Shani is unable to work and has no family connections or support. Her only income is her handicapped stipend. She is as frugal with this as she can be. Shani stretches the funds to cover her family’s basic needs, but it is not possible for her to purchase the computer that the twins need for school. She wants them to succeed, or at least to be able to turn in their homework, but they cannot do so without this critical tool.

Verified by: Shon Zucker, Department of Social Services, Tel Aviv - South | Case No.: 190461
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