Laptop for Orit

Total Cost - $ 815
Still Needed - $ 0
Funded - $ 815

Orit, 28 years old, came to Israel from Ethiopia as a baby. Her parents, along with her six siblings, moved into an absorption center in the North and then settled in the center of the country. Orit’s father suffers from serious health issues and has never been able to work. Her mother has worked full time since arriving in Israel, in order to support the family.

Tragically, five years ago, Orit’s mother was severely injured in a hit and run accident and hasn’t been able to work since. The family is currently living off disability payments.

Orit finished her studies through high school and then served in the IDF. She is currently studying at an accredited college and is working towards a degree in health system management. Orit is in desperate need of a laptop in order to complete her studies and build a better future for herself.

Verified by: Nili Homan, Department of Social Services - Youth and Young People, Netanya | Case No.: 200090
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