Laptop for Maya

Total Cost - USD 1,013
Still Needed - USD 0
Funded - USD 1,013

Working as a wedding photographer would have several advantages for Maya, 32.

First, it would give her a way to earn a living and support her family; she and her husband have four children and she is pregnant with a fifth. Second, it would give her the flexibility to be at home in the afternoons with the children, especially their seven-year old, who is on the autism spectrum and needs extra care. Third, because she would be working in a field that she loves, the job would lighten the depression from which Maya suffers too often.

However, as the family currently has little income beyond their son’s handicapped stipend, the computer and camera that she needs are beyond Maya’s reach. However without them she cannot complete the course of study that she has undertaken in order to be accredited in the field.

Verified by: Sena Gad, Department of Social Services, Tel Aviv - South | Case No.: 190243
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