Hearing aid for Ruth

Total Cost - $ 1,354
Still Needed - $ 0
Funded - $ 1,354

Ruth has had a very difficult life. She made Aliyah from Morocco and, together with her husband, raised four children under difficult financial conditions. Three years ago, Ruth’s husband died suddenly, leaving her with a large mortgage and unpaid loans. While Ruth, at 65 years old, continues to work part-time, she struggles to make ends meet.

To complicate an already difficult situation, Ruth is losing her hearing. She has been making do with poor quality hearing aids but as her hearing continues to deteriorate, her situation has become dire. Unable to communicate with others, Ruth is truly suffering. With the appropriate hearing aids, she will be able to live a much fuller life.  She cannot afford, however, the personal contribution she is required to pay in order to benefit from the subsidies offered by her Kupat Cholim (Health Care Providor).

Verified by: Lily Shochat Hatuel, Department of Social Services, Mevoot Hermon | Case No.: 200075
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