Hearing Aid for Raya

Total Cost - USD 684
Still Needed - USD 0
Funded - USD 684

Raya, 81, is a Holocaust survivor. Widowed, she now lives with her daughter and her daughter’s family in a small apartment. The home is neat and clean, but they have little money.

Raya suffers from an array of medical issues, from diabetes, to carpal tunnel syndrome, hypertension, polyps, and pain in her feet, elbow, and back. Recently, Raya’s hearing has gotten worse. For her, this is the worst blow to her quality of life. Hearing aids could mitigate the problem and help her back to the dignity and pleasure that she had in enjoying the world around her, but neither she nor her daughter can afford them.

Verified by: Rita Goldstein, Maccabi Health Services,Ashkelon | Case No.: 190301
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