Front Door for Alma’s Family

Total Cost - USD 587
Still Needed - USD 0
Funded - USD 587

Alma, 38, trained as an early education teacher. She had to stop working to deal with her painful and prolonged divorce, but now she has started again. At the moment, she is a substitute kindergarten teacher, but she is hoping to find a full-time job in the new school year.

The divorce has been very hard on her six children, who feel torn between their parents. Alma’s salary is low and unstable, leaving her with little to cover the family’s needs. Paying for food, clothing, schoolbooks, and utilities is a stretch, and Alma does not have enough money also to cover the cost of a new front door, even though the current door to their apartment has broken beyond repair and does not close securely.

Verified by: Vardit Shpigelman, Lema'an Achai, Beit-Shemesh | Case No.: 180188
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