Fridge for Faina

Total Cost - USD 472
Still Needed - USD 0
Funded - USD 472

Faina, 65, lives alone and always has. Objects that she has collected over the years surround her, but they are mostly broken and worthless.

Plagued with health problems – including high blood pressure, unstable diabetes, and chronic depression – Faina cannot work or keep the apartment clean. She does not have enough money to pay her medical bills.

Faina has an old refrigerator, but it works poorly and has no shelves. The food in it sits in piles; there is no way to know what is there and getting anything out is difficult. A new refrigerator is beyond Faina’s means, but having one would improve the quality of her life.

Verified by: Efrat Nahum, Department of Social Services, Givatayim | Case No.: 180116
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