Fridge for Nurit and Ofer

Total Cost - $ 746
Still Needed - $ 0
Funded - $ 746

Nurit’s parents objected to Ofer when she started dating him at age 18, but nine years later, they are still together. They now have five children. Ofer, 35, has a criminal background but is trying to do better. He works full time as the manager of a warehouse. Despite the fact that her oldest was born when Nurit, now 26, was in twelfth grade, she finished school, has held a steady job, and is a diligent, caring, and resourceful mother. She will do anything she can to keep her children safe, with a roof over their heads. The couple recently completed a class for families in financial stress that gives them tools to improve both their work and parenting skills. Their social worker has been impressed with their ability to take responsibility for their past mistakes, to marshal their internal resources, and to make positive changes in their lives; she has real hope for their future success. However, at the moment, because of their limited resources, Nurit and Ofer cannot even afford a refrigerator, without which it is harder for them to take charge of their children’s nutrition.

Verified by: Rivka Tamsa, Department of Social Services, Kiryat-Malachi | Case No.: 180139
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