Fridge for Nava and her Children

Total Cost - $747
Still Needed - $644
Funded - $103

Although Nava and her husband are divorced, they remain on good terms. He is a caring father and pays child support for their 10-year old twins. Nava, 45, works part-time as an aide to the elderly, and relies on her small salary. Her twins were born early and have struggled; one of them still has some learning delays and needs extra support. Nava is on good terms with her parents and extensive family. In fact, she and the twins lived in her mother’s home until recently, when they were able to get their own apartment.

Nava is hard-pressed to pay the rent, however, and she often cannot cover the food and clothing needs for the three of them. She moved without any furniture or appliances, but has been able to furnish the apartment, second-hand, with a few basics. She still lacks a refrigerator, however. Having one would allow her to feed the twins properly, which would help to keep them healthy, but Nava has not been able to find the money for this important need.

Verified by: Moria Robinson, Department of Social Services, Acco | Case No.: 190478
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