Fridge for Libi

Total Cost - $ 609
Still Needed - $ 0
Funded - $ 609

Libi, 39, is a single parent to three children, all of whom are in special education classes. Libi works as many hours as she can, around her children’s needs, as an aide to the elderly, but her efforts to not bring in much money, as her salary is very low. She has a very small support network, so relies on her earnings and her son’s disability stipend.

The family lives in a three-room, public housing unit, for which Libi struggles to pay the rent. Libi herself has health issues; she suffers from exhaustion and is often ill, probably from cardiological problems. She is prone to anxiety and worry, which is not surprising, given the stress of her daily life.

All three of Libi’s children, are charming, strong-willed, and motivated to succeed. They instinctively help others and have a close bond with their mother. But they struggle with learning issues and sometimes behavioral issues as well. Complicating their difficult financial circumstances, the family’s refrigerator no longer works, but Libi cannot afford to replace it.

Verified by: Shasha Mekonen, Department of Social Services, Or Akiva | Case No.: 190535
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