Fridge for Hadas and her Children

Total Cost - $ 760
Still Needed - $ 0
Funded - $ 760

Hadas finished 11 years of schooling. She has held many short-term jobs but has had trouble staying employed because she suffers from physical ailments (pain in her head, neck, and back, and headaches) that make showing up consistently difficult. This has kept her from breaking out of the cycle of poverty in which she grew up.

Her husband used to find temporary jobs in the construction industry but has been unemployed for five years for general health reasons, including diabetes, which have led to several hospitalizations, require regular medications, and have made his life difficult. He left the family several months ago. Since then, Hadas has been struggling to raise their four young boys on her own; she cares deeply for them and worries because her resources are insufficient to meet their needs.

Most recently, their refrigerator failed. It can no longer be repaired but Hadas does not have the means to replace it.

Verified by: Rami Said, Department of Social Services, Aco | Case No.: 190339
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