Eye Glasses for Liora

Total Cost - USD 472
Still Needed - USD 0
Funded - USD 472

Liora, 57, has been using the same pair of reading glasses for 10 years because she can’t afford new ones. She worked for 23 years as an aide to the elderly, but the job led to anxiety attacks, depression, and uncontrollable fits of crying.

A few months ago, she fell and hurt her knees. She suffers from various aches and pains. Her doctor recommended that she leave her position, since it was bad for her, and Liora has done so, but without another job, she is now completely reliant on social security payments. These are barely sufficient to cover her daily costs; there is no room in her budget for the glasses that she needs.

Verified by: Tamar Salzman, Maccabi Health Services, Beer Sheva | Case No.: 190473
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