Eye Glasses for Gila

Total Cost - $ 774
Still Needed - $ 0
Funded - $ 774

Danny and Gila keep their home neat and orderly. But they are struggling with little income and high debts, which make it difficult to raise their six children and meet their monthly needs.

Gila was at home for many years, taking care of the children, but despite health problems that make holding a full-time position difficult, she has gone to work as a housekeeper in order to put food on the table. Danny spent time in prison, but since getting out of jail has gone through a rehabilitation program. Nonetheless, he had difficulty finding a job. He recently landed a part-time position and is looking for more hours of work to supplement that, in order to start paying down the family’s debts.

With their limited financial means, they have not been able to acquire multifocal eyeglasses for Gila, although she now struggles with both near and distance vision.

Verified by: Nirit Goren, LeMaan Achai, Beit Shemesh | Case No.: 180342
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