Eye Glasses for Adi

Total Cost - USD 1,153
Still Needed - USD 0
Funded - USD 1,153
Six years ago, a fall in a bus left Adi badly injured and traumatized. Since then she has been confined to a wheelchair and cannot tend to even her basic needs.

Despite her limitations, Adi does her best to take care of her children (ages 13 and 9), to stay in contact with their schools, and to raise them well. Adi’s mother helped enormously, but she died a year ago.
Adi’s injuries have kept her from working, so her only income is her national disability and insurance subsidies.

Recently, Adi was diagnosed with keratoconus, a serious eye problem. Contact lenses would slow the progress of the disease, but since they are allowed for only a few hours a day, she now needs glasses as well.
The prescription for this problem makes both contact lenses and glasses particularly expensive, putting them well out of reach for Adi, with her very limited budget.

Verified by: Natali Galili, Department of Social Services, Or-Aqiva | Case No.: 180270
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