Evaluation for Carmi

Total Cost - USD 681
Still Needed - USD -2
Funded - USD 683

Maor, 46, and Dana, 47, have five children, ages 11-21. Maor works as an assistant in a special ed class. He has battled some health issues over the past few years and has orthopedic surgery scheduled in the months ahead. Dana does not work outside of the home due to physical limitations. The family survives solely on Maor’s income.

Maor and Dana are incredibly devoted, concerned and involved parents. A few of the children suffer from learning disabilities and various other issues, and the couple tries to meet all of their emotional and therapeutic needs.

Maor and Dana’s greatest concern right now is with their seventh grader, Carmi, who has displayed social, emotional and academic difficulties. Carmi is developmentally delayed and was recently diagnosed with ASD. In order to further understand Carmi’s condition and how to best help him, further evaulation is needed. Unfortunately, given the family’s financial situation, Maor and Dana cannot afford to pay for such an evaluation.

Social services helps the family where they can, but Maor and Dana receive no other outside assistance. They certainly do their best to provide for their children and with a little bit of help, they can help Carmi progress as well.

Verified by: Galia Yitzhaki, Department of Social Services, Hadera | Case No.: 210130
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