Driving lessons for Natan

Total Cost - USD 463
Still Needed - USD -98
Funded - USD 561

Natan, 24, grew up in an ultra-Orthodox home. At the age of 16, he rejected his family’s religious lifestyle and left home. As a result, his parents cut him off, both emotionally and financially.

Despite his hardships, Natan finished high school and took all of his matriculation exams. He enlisted in the army, was awarded lone soldier status due to his background and completed his full service,Natan has independently supported himself by working as a salesperson in a local store. With the help of social services, he is now attending a real estate program that ensures him a job upon completion.

In order to begin working, however, Natan needs to have a driver’s license. He has managed to cover the cost of some lessons, but he can’t afford to pay for the remainder. Without a driver’s license, Natan won’t be able to break into the real estate world.

Natan is a motivated and driven young man. With a little bit of help, he can be assured a secure and productive future.

Verified by: Shaked Spretz, Lamerchav | Case No.: 200378
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