Daycare for Yonatan

Total Cost - USD 1,590
Still Needed - USD 0
Funded - USD 1,590

It is clear to everyone that their four children are the light of Olga and Pavel’s life. The parents do all they can to make sure that their four children will have a good education and strong values. However, the family is in desperate financial straits. Pavel has his own business at which he works hard, but as a tailor with a shop in Tel Aviv’s Old Bus Station, he earns very little. Olga has worked in the past as a kindergarten aid, a job she loves, and to which she is returning now.

However, in order to do so, she needs to enroll Yonatan, their infant son, in daycare, for which a slot has just opened. She and Pavel cannot afford to lose the space if Olga is to work. They are relying on a fund that helps working mothers pay this tuition, but the fund requires three months’-worth of pay stubs, and Olga won’t have these until the fall. Therefore, they are caught needing to start their son in the program now but unable to cover the cost for a few more months.

Verified by: Anna Litos, Katef Le Katef | Case No.: 180161
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