Day camp for 123 kids in Or Akiva

Total Cost - USD 7,166
Still Needed - USD 0
Funded - USD 7,166

The Department of Social Services in Or Akiva has requested our help to send 123 children to day camp this summer! 

Anat and Benny’s children are among those we want to help.

Anat and Benny live in Or Akiva and have 4 children.  These hard-working parents are doing everything they can to meet all of their children’s needs and raise them with dignity. One of their children has been diagnosed on the autism spectrum, and a second with ADD. Needless to say, this has put an enormous stress on the entire family.

Both Anat and Benny work to cover their family’s cost of living. Despite this, they struggle to make ends meet; no money is left for “extras”.

As they face the long hot summer months, Anat and Benny desperately need help covering the cost of day camp for their children. They can not afford to stay home with their children and risk losing their jobs. With some help, we can help Anat and Benny send their kids to day camp throughout the summer months.

 *Or Akiva has a  population of 21,000 people, 9.5% of whom are disabled and 35% of whom are unemployed.

Verified by: Rina Amar, Department of Social Services, Or Akiva | Case No.: 230552
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